A small (big) change

A few weeks ago, with the onslaught of the recent adult blog purge from WordPress.com, I decided to self-host my site. However, it seems that my move may have affected my list of subscribers somehow. The only way I know to semi-remedy this situation is by writing this last post on my WordPress.com account. Now, here is the thing; I have found that if I post through WordPress.com, it will appear in the reader BUT not on my self-hosted site. As the admin told me when I asked for help:

I have moved over all your WordPress.com subscribers as requested. Please keep in mind that while your email subscribers will continue to receive email notifications of new posts as before, WordPress.com followers will only see new posts in the Reader. They will not receive email updates unless they subscribe to receive those on your new site.

So, if you would still like to follow my new (old?) site, click here to go to the website, and once there, scroll down a bit and subscribe to the blog using your email or any of the other methods available for you. This will be my last post through WordPress.com; I hope I’ll still get to see some of you around…